Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rey's Teaching Story Writing

Andújar's going to be giving classes on the arts of the short story from October 3rd till November 28th.


On other news, I, señor Rivera, will be visiting New York City from October 2nd till the 3rd, and on the 3rd will be spending the night in Philadelphia until the 5th.

If interested in hanging, hit me up at andy.riverbed (at)

I also have a reading at the Wayward Council this Friday, the 18th of September, along with The Platitudes, OnePointZero, and The Pursuit (from Clearwater, Florida), featuring the great Jamie Murphy!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

La policía no negocia. Sus estrategias se limitan a la violencia. Su arma más feroz es el terror.

The police does not negotiate. Its strategy is limited to violence. Its most ferocious weapon is terror.

- Translated from Spanish by Andy Riverbed

Andújar wrote an article for Claridad, the Puerto Rican, Pro-Independence News Journal, in which he connects civil disobedience that occurred in the Dominican Republic in 1965 to more civil disobedience that occurred in the Dominican Republic in 1984 (this time not snuffed out by the military but by the local police force) to a civil riot that recently occurred in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.

Check that out HERE.

Rey Andújar is also reading at Librería Mágica on September 24th.